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Men's facial care shave beard shaving cream

Men's facial care shave beard shaving cream

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[Brand name]: Bluezoo Shaving Soap 100g

[Product Category]: Men's facial care

[Efficacy characteristics]: tasteless, sandalwood, mint

[Efficacy characteristics]:

1) The foam of this product is rich and delicate, moisturizing and soft without irritation;

2) Contains rich nourishing ingredients such as olive oil and glycerin, shaves and moisturizes the skin at the same time, leaving the skin smooth and not dry;

3) Specially contains licorice extract, allantoin, active essence penetrates the skin, soothes and repairs the skin.

[Efficacy features]: Take this product and rub it into the hair after rubbing and foaming, then shave it with a razor. This product can also be used for cleansing face or hair, moisturizing and moisturizing without tightness.

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